Welcome to Clinical Testing Services, LLC.
The company that provides an assessment of clinical skills for Physician Assistants.

The assessment process may also benefit others interested in determining their level of direct patient interactive skills.  Those include international medical graduates, those attempting to regain licensure and those desiring an objective measure of clinical prowess.

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About Us
CTS originated from a need to determine a measure of clinical proficiency for Physician Assistants who, for various reasons, had presented areas of concern at the licensure level.  
A frequently encountered reason is an extended absence from clinical practice in order to raise a family, for illness, or temporary pursuit of other vocations.  Another reason would be concerns regarding practice ability raised at the state medical board level.  Regardless of the reason, the objective of CTS is to provide an unbiased assessment of a PA’s clinical and didactic skills in the practice of medicine.

CTS relies on a simulated patient (SP) model to provide its assessment.  The SP model relies on a PA’s ability to interact with simulated patients in an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) format.  The use of the OSCE is widespread in PA education and is used to evaluate medical students on the USMLS Step 2 CS.  Areas evaluated in this phase include the ability to communicate with patients, history taking, performing a physical examination, developing an assessment and plan and transmitting the information into written form.  This phase of the assessment is done in Oklahoma City at an independent clinic setting.

Scoring is based on two mechanisms.  Trained SP's evaluate the PA/patient interaction looking specfically for the provider's communication skill and completeness of gathering historical information and performing a physical examination.  The PA types the encounter into a SOAP note format which is then scored by a team of licensed, Board Certified physicians. Scores are combined to provide an overal assessment of the PA's ability to function in the clinical setting.

Of particular note is that the OSCE's are designed to address common problems, regardless of a PA's particular practice setting.  In other words, the assessment does not discriminate against specialty PAs.

All patient interactions are video recorded.

A CTS evaluation is not intended as a replacement for, or addition to, the routine pathway for licensure as defined in statute.